Statutes of NPO Chiba-ken Allotment Garden Association


≪General rules ≫

<Name>The association is named the NPO Chiba-ken Allotment Garden Association.

<located at>4-3-3-203 Tendai, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi Chiba Prefecture Japan


≪Aim and Activity ≫

<The aim of the association>

- to facilitate cooperation between people concerned with allotment gardening, green tourism, community activity, environmental preservation, education, and social welfare.

- to conduct training and practice in allotment gardening.

- to gather information, and to make it available to people who want it.

- to bring families and communities closer together through allotment gardening.

- to actively meet allotment gardens in Japan and in foreign countries and to make a network of allotment gardens.

- to support allotment garden activities in local areas.

- to train leaders of allotment garden activity.

- to conduct research, studies and other activities in allotment garden related fields.

- to establish and develop allotment gardens.

- to deepen understanding of food, agriculture and education.

- to promote the preservation of greenery in populated areas.

- to foster open minds through enjoyable gardening activities.

- to contribute to public interest in the promotion of horticultural well-being etc.

< Non-profit-making activity >

The Association engages in the following sorts of non-profit- making activities to achieve the aims of the former article.

(1) Activity that promotes improvement of welfare.

(2) Activity that promotes social education.

(3) Activity that promotes city planning.

(4) Activity that promotes preservation of the environment.

(5) International cooperation activity.

(6) Activity that promotes of formation of a gender-equal society.

(7) Activity that supports healthy child rearing.

(8) Activity that promotes development of information-oriented society.

(9) Cooperation advice, and support for other organizations engaged in activities (1)~(8).

<Specific work>

The association does the following specific, non-profit work for achieving the aim of Article of “Aim”.

(1) Studying and training about the allotment garden system, the characteristics of agriculture and floriculture, crop growing, the technology of farm-work and agricultural machinery, and gardening.

(2) Collection and supply of information about allotment gardening and green-tourism, etc., and the establishment of bases for activity.

(3) Building communities of people of all ages, preserving green space and regional environment through allotment garden activities.

(4) Activities to educate about food, agriculture, horticultural well-being and social welfare etc.

(5) Meeting with and making a network for domestic and overseas allotment gardens and related groups

(6) Training for coordinators of allotment gardens and other related sectors.

(7) Investigating, planning, researching, developing, and supporting (1) to (6) and making conclusions and suggestions from the results.


(The rest is omitted)