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Chiba-ken Allotment Garden AssociationCAGA


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 The aim of the association is to facilitate cooperation between people concerned with allotment gardening, green tourism, community activity, environmental preservation, education, and social welfare.



4-3-3-203 Tendai, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi Chiba Prefecture Japan


Executive Board

President Yoshiharu Meguriya

Vice-President Yusuke Katou , Kazuo Kimura, Toshiaki Makihara



60members (2013)

individual, allotment garden organization, company .


History of the association

Start : September 26, 1992 (Heisei 4)

It started as a "Chiba prefectural Kleingarten Study Group" responding to allotment garden activity in Chiba Prefecture, under “Japan Kleingarten Study Group”.


Changing the Name : In order to give an opportunity to an individual allotment garden to participate in our organization easily, it changed the name into the present name in 2002(Heisei 14).


Incorporation : February 14, 2006 (Heisei18) Our organization was incorporated and registered legally as Non Profit Organization.



 the next activity is performed periodically.


(1)  Regular activity

Regular-meeting activity : Report about some allotment garden, a field survey, a domestic and overseas research report, and exchange various allotment garden information, the advice activities to an allotment garden establishment candidate, etc.


(2)  Research track record

Overseas research

Research by member itself every year. (London, Edinburgh, York, Birmingham, Ipswich, Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris, Aubervilliers, Risorangis, Lyons, Munich, Leipzig, Köln, Hannover, Augsburg, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Ghent, Brugge, Brussels, Luxembourg, Lausanne, Krakau, Taichung, Taipei ). Sponsor a tour in 1994 and 1999(Frankfurt, Köln, Amsterdam). ?


Domestic research

1 or 2 cases of researches every year


(Kurafuchi, Kannra Tomioka, Utsunomiya, Kasama, Tsukubasakura, Omiya, Nerima, Shiga-mura, Kanagawa, Yokohama, Tannan, Okayama, Kashiwa, Inzai, Ichikawa, Chousei, Kujuukuri, Sakura, Yachiyo, Ichihara, and Chiba.


(3) Relation between allotment gardens and an organization

Cooperation with the Chigusadai gardening circle (Hagidai allotment garden) and Asumi garden, Yato green club, Ichikawa City allotment garden, Shisui Town allotment garden.


(4) Participating track record in an allotment garden international conference

The chairman of the board of directors (president) participated in Brussels [31st ], Lausanne [32nd] , Yoke[ 33rd ] as Japanese Kleingarten study group managers.


(5) Addition

 We participates in urban-greening fair, flower and green festival, etc., and appeal allotment garden.

Possession books : "Aiming at the allotment garden in a daily life" (Yoshiharu Meguriya work 1998 publication) , "Encouraging of allotment garden" (publication in 2004 Chiba-Ken Allotment garden Association)

"New allotment garden" (publication in 2008 written by Meguriya Yoshiharu])

"A history of the gardening circle for 30 years" (30th anniversary executive committee of the Chigusadai gardening circle)


Cooperation with Association for Japan Allotment-garden

 (Japan Kleingarten study group)

  This association is the member of “Association for Japan Allotment-garden” (the only one organization for supporting allotment garden activity in Japan), and is connected with the all members in Japan.


Cooperation with Office International

 Association for Japan Allotment-garden is an associate member of the Office International which is an international organization in which 14 countries in Europe join now. We are connected with the friends all over the world as a member of Association for Japan Allotment-garden through Office International.


Allotment garden charter

 Those who love allotment garden gathered in October 2007, and we held the international forum "a new movement of allotment garden." The allotment garden charter was adopted with all participants as our common idea.


Invitation to our association

 Participation at a regular meeting and admission to our association [ Anyone who wants to know allotment garden more and wants to participate in our activity ] are possible at any time. Use the following mail box for an application.